The Dr. van Wolfe Saga

*Note: Meant to be read in order, not as stand-alones*

Trapped (1):

I’m a hybrid, but I’m somehow still human. Some call me a monster, but I’m a “good” kind of monster. You know, like the serial killers who kill the drug dealers, rapists, and general scum of the earth.

Being a hybrid has its perks: superhearing and speed, plus that awesome healing ability, but it has its downsides, too.
I’m also a therapist; the one these scum pay to… talk to. I listen, sure. But then I have my own personal brand of justice. It gets messy, so if you plan to stick around, might I suggest you wear a rubber suit?

If you like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Dexter, or Hannibal, you’ll love The Dr. van Wolfe Saga!

What would you do with two monsters trapped inside of you?

I’m stuck – stuck in this body with two blood-hungry beasts who happen to be relatively clueless to what being human means. Luckily, I still have that part of me, too. I realized a while ago what happened to make me this way and now I’m on a mission to find a cure without killing myself in the process.

I also may have the opportunity to buy a castle in England complete with gargoyles. Am I going to? You bet I am! But while I was there, I gained a follower of sorts – a watcher. I don’t know who it is or why, but my monsters inside are helping me to figure it out. The watcher even followed me home – I feel them.

At least I can get back to helping my patients and finding that cure to rid myself of this werepireism. How will I ditch the watcher before they out me for the monster I truly am?

Moratorium (2):

How much longer can I hold on?

Or will the monsters take control?

It turns out I have residents in the castle dungeons. They’re pretty helpful and we get along famously. I think I’m going to like having them around.

I’m still trapped inside my own body with these idiot monsters, but there’s good news. Dr. Fleming Heilsong heard about my search for a cure through a colleague and contacted me to offer his help. I can’t lie, this whole thing makes me nervous. I don’t want to die but the werepireism grows stronger every day. I’m fighting for my life – my very soul. Some days I think I’ll lose it altogether and so does Teddy.

Medicate (3):

Will I finally find a cure or will I die trying?

I told the gnomes to come visit, but their shaman, Claudia, is proving to be a real problem. She hates humans as much as she hates monsters. I can’t blame her, either. I would too if the person I was closest to in life was killed the same way hers was. Lisa and Clyde think she’ll come around. I disagree, but I’ll give her the chance to get to know me as they have.

We’re getting closer to my cure, or so Dr. Heilsong says. I hope he’s right because each day is something different. One day I feel more human, the next, more monster. None of this is okay. I need to be me again. I can’t stand much more of this roller coaster.