Audiobooks? Am I Crazy? You bet!

So I've been asked if any of my books will be available in audio form.  The short answer is yes. The long answer is I won't have time to record (because who knows the inflections better than me, plus I can't afford to pay someone else to do it) until December, late November if I'm … Continue reading Audiobooks? Am I Crazy? You bet!

Miranda Gets Dark…

... and if I were to fill you in on just how dark, well, that would be spoilers and we don't do that around here. 😉 The fourth installment has been edited and is off with the beta now.  I'm also working with an artist to have the cover hand drawn.  As in rebranding.  Miranda … Continue reading Miranda Gets Dark…

The End is Nigh

Well guys, it's been a fun trip, but Miranda the Universe Traveller is almost complete.  Miranda 4 is in the works, tentative release early August, with an omnibus tentatively scheduled for a late October release.  Then on to a darker series, which I'm really excited about. Having no classes this summer has allowed me to … Continue reading The End is Nigh

Miranda 3 and Other Fun Stuff

This past week I had the opportunity to join a literacy night at a local middle school and it was one of the most fun experiences I've had as an author.  So many kids excited about reading made my heart skip with joy!  I really hope to be able to participate in more events like … Continue reading Miranda 3 and Other Fun Stuff

An Ending and a Beginning

I'm the worst at keeping up with blogging, but I think I'll get better now that the semester is pretty much over.  I'm not promising (again) that I'll write every week because I clearly haven't made it a habit. Anywho, the latest news on Miranda the Universe Traveller Series- Miranda's Extraordinary Life: The Affliction of … Continue reading An Ending and a Beginning

Happy New Year and Street Team!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a great, safe night and plan to kick major butt in 2017! How would you like to join my street team? You don't have to do anything. I seriously ask nothing from members, other than interaction.  I'd love for everyone to come chat!  Or even come friend … Continue reading Happy New Year and Street Team!

Happy Holidays!

Hey all!! Happy holidays to you and yours from me and mine! What are your plans today? We're relaxing and I'm about to nap before making dinner. Oakridge BBQ Habanero Death Dust cheesey potato soup! I know, not the traditional fare for the holidays, but it will be yummy and delicious nonetheless. Miranda 2 is … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Holy cow!

Wow it's been a while!! Super sorry about that! I really am going to try to blog at least once a week, especially now that the semester is over. Speaking of semester, I'll have final grades by next Friday/Saturday-ish and I gotta say, I'm crazy nervous.  But at least I won't get kicked out of … Continue reading Holy cow!