Short One Here…

...and I am a short one, so it fits 😉 Anyway, I'm somewhere around 5 days or so since my last post (?)... or over a week... but in my defense, I forgot.  Yep, straight forgot.  Why?  Life.  Down to 1 final left for my Associate Degree, which should be mailed next week.  No, I'm … Continue reading Short One Here…

Holy cow!

Wow it's been a while!! Super sorry about that! I really am going to try to blog at least once a week, especially now that the semester is over. Speaking of semester, I'll have final grades by next Friday/Saturday-ish and I gotta say, I'm crazy nervous.  But at least I won't get kicked out of … Continue reading Holy cow!

“How to be an Adult” Price Lowered!!!

Sup guys! Been crazy lately, in more ways than one, but I wanted to make this short announcement: How to be an Adult, The Adulting Series Book 1, is temporarily $2.99 USD on Kindle right now!  I'll let you know when (or if) the price goes back up or not, but I'm kind of running … Continue reading “How to be an Adult” Price Lowered!!!

Yikes! It’s been a while…

Welp, it's been a bit too long since my last post.  Here's what's been going on: -Amercan Government class sucked a hard sweaty one and was rather anger inducing, especially if you have a clue about politics to begin with. -3 classes left and still looking for a job. -For those of you who haven't … Continue reading Yikes! It’s been a while…

LOTS of updates on book 2 and signings and stuff

So, since the last time I updated, I had another Author Quickie published. Also, I had an impromptu signing at a super fun event last weekend and have been invited back this month, but I'm waiting to hear from another bookstore who approached me about a signing on the same day...decisions! This adulting thing is … Continue reading LOTS of updates on book 2 and signings and stuff

Current Book Promotion!

Here's a quick video of the current promotion, followed by pics of how the promo is running,  per Amazon Also, paperback pre-orders are available here Yes, they are for unsigned and signed. Thanks for sticking with me through the crazy and homework inundation! Much fucking love, Amanda

Book 2 Now Available for Pre-Order!!

You read that right!  Book 2 in The Adulting Series, "Surviving College in Your Mid-30s Part 1", is now available for pre-order on Kindle and paperback! Click here for info. Remember, all e-books are Kindle Exclusive.  You can download the free reader(s) here. Now I'm off to prepare for today's signing!

First Author Interview and Other Stuff

Ok, so I apparently like using "other stuff" in my headlines.  It's cool, because it is other stuff 🙂 My very first author interview has been posted! Happy dance!  Click here to read it!  Super excited!  Even better, Mercedes reads the same books I do! Woohoo! Other stuff: as of next Friday, I should be … Continue reading First Author Interview and Other Stuff

Exciting News (and stuff)

Should I start with the exciting news or "and stuff" first? Hmm...   And Stuff = nothing much has been going on except the 3 cute tornado warnings this morning.  Luckily, none of them were close enough to effecting us.  Y'all know damn well my ass woulda been hiding in the damn bathtub with hubs … Continue reading Exciting News (and stuff)

Sorry ’bout that…

Been a little busy with homework, a midterm, and other random shit to keep y'all updated.  Here's what's new and what's not so new: Paperbacks - got a new small shipment in for signed orders. (Click here) School - just when I thought it would be better after algebra finished.  I was so fucking wrong.  … Continue reading Sorry ’bout that…