The End is Nigh

Well guys, it's been a fun trip, but Miranda the Universe Traveller is almost complete.  Miranda 4 is in the works, tentative release early August, with an omnibus tentatively scheduled for a late October release.  Then on to a darker series, which I'm really excited about. Having no classes this summer has allowed me to … Continue reading The End is Nigh

I promised a post…

...a week ago, and here it is!!! So, I've got some nonsense going on with the dealership we got our SUV from, which is only causing my anxiety to get that much worse.  Fuck anxiety. Also, I geeked out crazy hard over an event at the bookstore I had to cancel my last signing event … Continue reading I promised a post…

Thunderclap and Poll

Ok yall, I'm running a Thunderclap campaign to help spread word about book 2.  You can support it here.  You can find the FAQs here.   I'm also running a poll to try to gauge interest in t-shirts.  Here's what they'd look like Here's the poll link for that.  You can totally answer anonymously.  The … Continue reading Thunderclap and Poll

Sorry for the crazy lag, but I’m back to explain why!

I do apologize for being missing, but here's what's been going on. I blog for an automotive website for a living, and now matter how hard I try, what automotive news is or isn't there...nothing seems to matter to the man who runs my department. My direct manager, though, keeps encouraging me and saying things … Continue reading Sorry for the crazy lag, but I’m back to explain why!

Donation Made and Some Other Fun Stuff!

So, the WWP donation for July and half of August has been made! $20!! I know it doesn't seem like much, but the more military pillows I seel, the more I can donate (and possibly match!). No matter that my husband is an alumni of Wounded Warrior Project lol! As promised, here's the screengrab: As … Continue reading Donation Made and Some Other Fun Stuff!

Brainstorming and hair color

So I'm sitting here getting my streaks touched up, brainstorming ideas for new decorative pillows, polling my friends on Facebook.... See, I've recently made a drastic change to my hair color, but the streaks fadeda bit, so they needed brightened. Anywho, after, I think I'm gonna go over to Pier 1 for some more inspiration … Continue reading Brainstorming and hair color