First ebook available and other stuff

Welp, amid mounds of homework and being caretaker for an injured hubby, I've managed to finish and launch the ebook "How to be an Adult"! You can find it here. Also, awaiting the proof of the paperback so that can go live as well. I've already got lots of material for book 2, too! Probably … Continue reading First ebook available and other stuff

Ready for more inspirations?

HOMIES!!! I've missed you so much! I've been really busy expanding the shop and brainstorming for my new website! That's right! Eventually I'll be done with Etsy and Aftcra and you won't have to create an account, be able to leave a review, and all kinds of other fun things! Even better, my transaction fees … Continue reading Ready for more inspirations?

Who’s up for a quickie?

Hah! I amuse myself sometimes! So I'm drinking a lovely concoction of Hรถegarten and Raspberry Framboise, anxiously waiting for 10 because, duh, Hannibal! I mean, hello sexy Gillian and Mads....good lord! So anyway, I'll probably finish the inspiration stories on Saturday? The plan is to lay out, drink, finish pillows?, and blog. We don't do … Continue reading Who’s up for a quickie?

Terrible customer service and communication

255pm UPDATE: got an email from their warehouse about 20 minutes ago telling me they don't have all the fabric I ordered. So I called. Again. At least I got someone helpful, who actually apologized, this time! She tried to give me an account credit, but I told her I'm not ordering from them again. … Continue reading Terrible customer service and communication

Guess who’s back?! No, really!

Yep, your favorite handmaker and professional slacker is back! Never again will I go "home" to visit for 8 days.ย  Nope. Too much time to be there, driving the world's shittiest car, in a crappy hotel...which reminds me...I have reviews to get to. Anywho, I'm comin atcha with 3 more stories/links today! Obliviate, yet another … Continue reading Guess who’s back?! No, really!