Once a Month…

...if that.  Maybe and even that's pushing it. Again, I don't really have a whole lot to say, okay, personally I do, but I don't know that I want to mix personal and business right now, so I'll update monthly or so.  Seriously, though, if you really do want to stay updated monthly, click here … Continue reading Once a Month…

Book Signing Event 5/14/16!

So I have my first signing event this weekend.  I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.  Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1614348545550717/1614349602217278/ So there's that.   Also, I'm stalking my grades because not all have been posted yet and, for once, Amazon was cheaper than the school bookstore for one of my textbooks, so duh, I ordered it.  … Continue reading Book Signing Event 5/14/16!

First Signing Event!

While I sit here and wait for my English teacher to open the damn final so I can be done with her, I wanted to tell y'all some stuff. Teespring campaign has been closed out and replaced with Redbubble (stickers, greeting cards, tote bags, and notebooks in 3 designs...for now). I'll have my actual final … Continue reading First Signing Event!

Book Writing and Shop Updates

Shop update: dude finally got back to me with my press release. I don't wanna ever read again they you speak English when you clearly have no command of the language. Ugh. So I edited it myself, sent it back and told him to use that for syndication. Let's see how long that takes before … Continue reading Book Writing and Shop Updates

Crazy girl right here

So, on top of hating the mobile app for this site (tags are a pain in my ass lol) and not really blogging like I should be, and starting to get holiday items ready for the shop and craft fairs, I've decided to really just pile on the shit. I'm going to write a book. … Continue reading Crazy girl right here

Brainstorming and hair color

So I'm sitting here getting my streaks touched up, brainstorming ideas for new decorative pillows, polling my friends on Facebook.... See, I've recently made a drastic change to my hair color, but the streaks fadeda bit, so they needed brightened. Anywho, after, I think I'm gonna go over to Pier 1 for some more inspiration … Continue reading Brainstorming and hair color

I really love my manager!

I'm back up! Ok, halfway. I get to pull off over 4 years worth of updates, starting 10 minutes ago lol! Super glad I have the external hard drive so I was able to back most everything up...but none of that gets imported until allllll these Windows Updates are finished lol! Oh Windows...and Google...why do … Continue reading I really love my manager!