Once a Month…

...if that.  Maybe and even that's pushing it. Again, I don't really have a whole lot to say, okay, personally I do, but I don't know that I want to mix personal and business right now, so I'll update monthly or so.  Seriously, though, if you really do want to stay updated monthly, click here … Continue reading Once a Month…

Just a Few Updates from Your Friendly Slacker Author

Like I said, "few" and "slacker".  I know, I know.  I said I'd give one post a week a try.  Then I forgot.  We've got a lot going on here at home, so my brain slipped and fell down the stairs, smashing into the drywall that now has a hole in it.  The hole is … Continue reading Just a Few Updates from Your Friendly Slacker Author

Happy Thanksgiving and All That Jazz

I'm late and I'm sorry.  Trying to get Trapped finished (cover thumbnail have progressed!) and homeworking myself hard this week so I have less to do next week and after (aka study for finals).  Also, last weekend was my birthday and I celebrated by going to one of my favorite places, the zoo, and stopping … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving and All That Jazz

Crazy seems rather fitting right now…

... I say I'm crazy because I'm sick again.  I, again, did it to myself.  This time, no doctors allowed.  Why?  1) They drive me further down Crazy Lane and 2) My insurance is a joke and just no.  Period.   So I"m doing the holistic thing and it's working.  Even better?  No crazy side effects … Continue reading Crazy seems rather fitting right now…

The End is Nigh

Well guys, it's been a fun trip, but Miranda the Universe Traveller is almost complete.  Miranda 4 is in the works, tentative release early August, with an omnibus tentatively scheduled for a late October release.  Then on to a darker series, which I'm really excited about. Having no classes this summer has allowed me to … Continue reading The End is Nigh

Miranda 3 and Other Fun Stuff

This past week I had the opportunity to join a literacy night at a local middle school and it was one of the most fun experiences I've had as an author.  So many kids excited about reading made my heart skip with joy!  I really hope to be able to participate in more events like … Continue reading Miranda 3 and Other Fun Stuff

An Ending and a Beginning

I'm the worst at keeping up with blogging, but I think I'll get better now that the semester is pretty much over.  I'm not promising (again) that I'll write every week because I clearly haven't made it a habit. Anywho, the latest news on Miranda the Universe Traveller Series- Miranda's Extraordinary Life: The Affliction of … Continue reading An Ending and a Beginning