About Me

Who is Amanda Byrd?

I’m just me.  Military spouse, fur baby mommy, student, writer, indie author…oh, and totally awesome!

I enjoy reading as much as writing, so when I’m not writing, I read.  Fantasy is my favortie genre, to include D & D and time travel, as well as crime fiction and true crime.

Why do you write books, Amanda?

I started with non-fiction because I want to share experiences, stories, and truth with anyone who also hates adulthood aka adulting. If one person can build off lessons I’ve learned, learn their own, or just be helped in any way, I’ve done what I wanted to do.

I’ve changed to fiction because it’s just that much more fun to write, plus I get to create more.  Universes, characters…you name it!  Additionally, it allows readers to use their imagination and realize, hopefully, that while there is always a “why”, there is not always a known reason. Imagination is an important thing to have in life, no matter what you’re doing or how old you are.

Amanda, how do we contact you?

See the form below, message me on Facebook, Tweet me, or click here.