Sometimes A Bad Experience Is A Good Teacher – A Guest Blog Post by Amanda Byrd

Hey! Dan was kind enough to ask me to share my first con experience on his blog. Here it is, in all it’s scary glory. Please know that this is in NO WAY intended to scare anyone away from tabling a con, but try to give a little bit of perspective and tips on what you can and can’t expect or predict.

Much love,

Dan Alatorre

71HEiaG7AaL._UX250_.jpg your humble host

Gang we’ve talked before about doing author events and conferences, but it never hurts to get new perspectives.

And they aren’t always positive.

Friend of the blog Amanda Byrd told me about her bad experience at a recent event, and I asked her to share some details with you – not because I want to embarrass her or scare you, but because WE ALL make mistakes, and sometimes you’ll pick up a tip you might not have thought of otherwise.

Here’s Amanda.

Things I’ve Learned from Tabling My First Comic Con – Amanda Byrd

This is my first guest post, so bear with me.  I, like Dan, live in Tampa, FL.  I’m a 35 year old kid/nerd/geek (nerd and geek are not synonymous) and have published 6 books, including 3 novellas that are now rebranded and re-released with a 4th included.  I’ve been writing for about…

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