Quick Update Before I get Lost in Homework and Dark Fantasy/Horror…

Okay, most of you know I live in Florida.  We were safe and sound throughout all of Hurricane Irma.  Scared excrementless, but safe.  No structural damage, just the already half-dying fence fell over (we nailed that sucker back in place until we’re ready to replace it).

On to more pressing issues.  Trapped does not yet have a firm release date, but know it WILL be early January, so hang onto those Amazon/Barnes & Noble/etc gift cards, because this is one dark fantasy and horror lovers won’t want to miss!

Join my exclusive group on Facebook for snippets/reveals/etc before anyone else, friend me on Facebook, follow my Instagram, or sign up for my monthly-ish email (it’s on every page of this site)!  I love getting to know readers; it gives me a whole new appreciation for writing and insights on what people want to see happen next!


Wanna say hi and chat? Email me at amanda@amanda-byrd.com

Or drop a comment below!

Have a great week!!


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