I have no words…

…to express how awful I feel for not writing for 4 months.  School has been kicking my butt, we bought a house and moved in over spring break… it’s all just been a mess. And, let’s face it, the phone app os really only good for replies to comments. That said, I’ve got a few announcements:

  1. Miranda 3 is in progress, to be finished writing and ready for cover and formatting by the end of the month. Look for a mid-May 2017 release.
  2. Two signing events in May, one at a middle school the other here
  3. Had a table at Clearwater ComicCon 2017. It was fun and became friends with another self-pub. Good times were had!

Aside from the above, I’m still swimming in homework until the end of the month. Clearly, I enjoy stressing myself out what with self-imposed book deadlines and all that homework at the same time. Once Miranda 3 is finished, I’ll be onto Miranda 4. Oh, and as for a title for Miranda 3, I don’t have one. Maybe I’ll hold a contest on Facebook. Do you follow me on Facebook? If not, I’m over here.


Hope you’re all enjoying your April!


Much love,



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