Thunderclap and Poll

Ok yall, I’m running a Thunderclap campaign to help spread word about book 2.  You can support it here.  You can find the FAQs here.


I’m also running a poll to try to gauge interest in t-shirts.  Here’s what they’d look like Unisex Womens

Here’s the poll link for that.  You can totally answer anonymously.  The prices would be $21.99 each (for unisex or women’s) plus shipping.  Again, I’m just trying to gauge interest here, so please help me out and vote.


Lastly, here’s a video to clarify what each is, particularly the Thunderclap.

(I’m a dummy and can’t figure out how to embed it…plus I’m in the middle of like 4 things at the moment).  Please use this link ony to vote, or use the contact form below.


Much fucking love,



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