Slackin and Other Stuff (IngieGoGo, Updates, and Newsletter signup!)

The IndieGoGo campaign is very meh at the moment, but that’s my fault. I’ve been slacking pretty hard. I said I’d post 3 times per week, and I’m still sitting at 1. Please don’t hate me. This is what happens when you get really into a new, fucking AWESOME, video game.  Jesus.

In other fun news, I start my new part time job this week and school next month. I’m stupid excited to start school. Like, stupid. As in kid going to Disney for the first time stupid. Even hubs is excited for me! Which makes me that much happier. We both know I won’t be happy until I’m where I want to be (and of course I’ll still be writing books along the way!).

The book is almost finished, and as a Christmas/holiday gift, I’ll be posting on the IndieGoGo page an excerpt of the book. I’ve already gotten the title for the second book on adulting, too! I’m thinking “How to Survive College as an Actual Adult (Who’s been in the real world and now has to deal with actual college age kids)”. What do you think?

Here’s the link (because for whatever reason, I can’t embed the damn thing) to the signup form for the mailing list where you can keep up with all things related to my books, and even get special offers (once the book is available). If I can’t get the requested funding aka help to publish, the book will be delayed in availability, but I’m still shooting for March/April timeframem possibly earlier…depends on much lol.

Welp, that’s all I got for you today.

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