Indiegogo goes live in 1 week!!!

So I got some writing done, outside obviously because it was fucking gorgeous outside!

Know what I also did?

Set up the Indiegogo! It’s in draft form until it goes live December 1!

I’ll share the link here, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, pretty, pretty, pretty please help spread the word! Book goes to publish 60 days after Dec. 1. The more help I get I’ll be able to add more quantity to certain perks like the free paperback and ebook! I mean, if someone donates for the paperback perk, they also get the ebook too. But I’ll be able to open quantities more than what they’re currently set at and/or put the overage into an account for the next book.

How to be an Adult: The Handbook will be book 1 of a 2 part series! I’m sooooooooo fucking excited!

And it’s all thanks to YOU, my supporters!


Fucking love you guys!

Have a great holiday!



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