I Still Suck, Obviously

The title alone says it all! I suck and I acknowledge that. Hell, I own it. I’ve been fucking lazy and that’s a shitty thing to do to you guys. That being said, I’m going to start posting about 2-3 times per week starting Monday, November 30. I feel like I’ve let yall down, and that’s just not fucking cool in my book. (Ok, not the book book, but you get what I’m saying).

I know I told yall I had a freelance client. That didn’t work out for whatever reason that still remains unknown to me. I want to just believe I got scammed into writing for free, but it was super elaborate to have been just a scam. Then again, it’s not the first – nor the last because I’d be dead if it were (and writing from the box on the shelf) – time I’ve been taken for a fool. However, I will abso-fucking-lutely NOT let it get me down. Besides, I’m going back to school in January (FINALLY!!!!!!) and will have a part time job (maybe?) so I’ll be too busy trying not to fail some nonsensical math class that will never be used in the research/clinical field I’ll be studying. At least I’m too fucking old for that Common Core bullshit!

OH.MY.GOD. I totally just got excited about adulthood. Fuck, this can’t be good. Oh, wait, yes it is. I don’t have to relearn basic fucking addition! Party time! Well, not quite.

As for progress, I’ve also dropped the ball on that, but I’m actually almost done. I’ve only got a few chapters left and *could* (epmphasized heavily) actually have it finished by Monday to start the Indiegogo campaign. Provided I’m not so lazy this weekend. I mean 3,000 words isn’t a lot, right? I just need that swift kick in the ass. Who wants to give it to me?

Have any of you donated to an Indiegogo campaign before? I have a list of perks for it, but I want to know what YOU want to see listed! Comment below, tweet me [at]amandabauthor , email me amanda.byrd615[at]gmail.com, or comment on Facebook Amanda Byrd, Author to let me know!

Thanks for sticking around!

Now excuse me while I go sip a glass of wine (actually sip because I have shit to do aka errands still)

PS I really do appreciate all the love and support thus far and I love you guys!

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