Lots! (To Fill You in On) Indiegogo, free chapter, and more!

Ok, so I realize it’s been way too long and I have much more to update you on.

First, and most important: I’ve left my full-time day job and now work from home! YAY!!!! I also currently have a kitten sitting on my lap, so if shit gets out of control, blame Bedelia.

You would think that would make me want to write more, right? Meh. I’ll go with yes and no. There are days I do and days I don’t. My word count is somwhere between 5,000 and 6,000 and I’m going for a general 10,000, but may wind up over that….which is where the IndieGoGo comes in.

Have any of you ever started an IndieGoGo or other crowdsourcing campaign? I’m wondering how close to done (or if I should be done) I should be before I launch the campaign. And my list of perks are pretty cool, right down to being in the acknowledgements section and a free paprrback copy signed and personalized right to YOU!

Paperback publishing with the editing by pros and all that isn’t cheap (I’ve got my figure, but I’ll need y’all to help me promote it, starting now). I’m aiming to have it the campaign launched by the end of November.

I’m also freelancing aka ghost writing (sort-of) now, which is my ability to work from home and get shit done!

Yes, I’ve found a new desk I have to go get, but I’ll need the help of some big fuckers (not to include my husband, because I don’t need him any more injured than he already is) and a truck because this thing is huge in boxes, but not all that big once together, thanks Ikea. Yes, I LOVE IKEA! I’ll shout that shit from the clouds if I have to. I yell at the instructions all the time because the Swedish translations are fucking backwards. Yep, backwards. Yelled at the dresser instructions for about an hour LMAO! Damn, I amuse myself sometimes.

Welp, I’m gonna leave ya here with all that to sink in, plus a link to the sign up form because I’m dumb and can’t figure out the embedding and there’s still room to get your FREE chapter of…oh fuck, I never told you guys the title of the book, did I? Ready? You sure? How to be an Adult: The Handbook. It’s meant to be like I’m having a conversation with you, not some instructional bullshit, no lies, just personal experiences and lessons learned. Oh and humor, of course, because finding humor in shitty situations is one of a creative’s greatest gifts.

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