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Shop update: dude finally got back to me with my press release. I don’t wanna ever read again they you speak English when you clearly have no command of the language. Ugh. So I edited it myself, sent it back and told him to use that for syndication. Let’s see how long that takes before I have to threaten the guy…againAlso, I’m starting to get ready for the holidays with 3 pillows designed and five mugs designed. Plus I have a craft fair in November I’m definitely gonna need this stuff for. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of when hokiday items go live as well as sales for the holidays. If you want first dibs on sales, go to Email entry is at the bottom right.

Book update: I’ve written, by hand in a notebook 18 pages so far. Of those 18, 13 have been typed up for word count. I’m just under 2.5% of where I want to be. Somewhere around 1,800 words typed up so far, and I’m looking for approximately 15,000 total, to include acknowledgements and the foreward that I haven’t even bothered to write yet lol.

I gotta say how strange it it that I’d planned on jotting ideas, then it turns into “it just flows”. I’m in love with it! This book is intended to be as much real life as funny. I’m looking forward to having it finished, and, as long as there’s no block, I think it may be ready for indiegogo by the end of the month! As for the blog, I’m not sure I’m going to write one, but I will have a twitter, email, and Facebook page. If a blog does come into play, I’ll let everyone know through twitter and Facebook. Once these pages are up, I’ll let you know that here and the current @byrdieshandmade twitter account.

Stay frosty friends and fuckers,

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