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So I went supply shopping, and while it was uneventful, I got what I needed to sponsor boxes for The Crafty Mail

The theme for October…wait. I can’t go givint it all away! Just know that I’ve already eaten paint, entirely by accident, I swear 😄 and that I painted half my hand. This is why I love acrylic hahaha!

So now I’m having a fight with Microsoft Office, which I will win so I can print out cute thank you notes and I just ordered new business cards!

Finally got my FEIN today too! And applied for my Florida Resale Cert. All that’s left is to LegalZoom my LLC and register with the county and then I’m fully legal! Holy fuck that’s a scary thought! LOL!

Sorry about the Periscope, though it’s still up until just after 6pm EST tomorrow, of it plays. I dunno. It got insane glitchy on me. They really gotta make that app S5 friendly.

Anyway, I’m off for some more fighting with Microsoft. Have an #byrdieshandmade night!

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