Just one of those days

You know the days you’re stressed and you know you have no reason to be? Yep. Today. Plus I’m mad that I’m stressed because I know I have no reason to be. Ok maybe a small reason. Trying to get my biz out there and get me some customers. I do the social thing, no advertising budget…it’s just frustrating starting a new business, I guess.
Plus all the personal shit going on…and I have only been letting the store stress me out.
My job doesn’t stress me because I write blogs. 1 day’s research can yeild me about 2 articles, so no biggie there.
Want to meditate but the office keeps yapping, causing me to turn the meditation up…and there are some parts that are just too loud. Blah!

Just needed to vent  (I think that’s what that was).

Thanks homies!

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