Pillows, pillows, and coffee mugs

So I got all my coffee mug designs done Thursday night. Baked some Thursday night. Baked the rest today. Turns out, oil Sharpies on coffee mugs baked turns some of the colors. So I now get to go over what I already put on 3 of the coffee mugs and then clear coat them. No bigge, right? Right! Kinda looking forward to it, actually lol.

Pillows. Got one done today. Yes. 1. I slept in. Til like 11am. Don’t know how, but pulled it off. And I’m proud. Said pillow was a real pain in the ass, so I’ve decided to change it to another form of the logo. I price my pillows on the amount of time it’s going to take to paint them. Except the military pillows. Those are at one set price plus the donation, which, by the way, I will be making and posting the screenshot of tomorrow. This particular pillow is $40 because of the tiny details I’d never noticed until I painted it. And I dealt with this logo, that has changed twice in the past 2 years, so much at my old job, you’d think I’d know better. Ha! Never! So unless someone custom orders it, it’s definitely not one to be listed on the website. This is that dreaded logo:


Took 4 hours! Just because of tiny details. I love torturing myself to make pillows lol!

Have a great weekend! talk to y’all tomorrow!

Peace out, homies

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