For shit’s sake…I’m late again

I swear this isn’t my norm! Though it looks that way with my sporadic posting lately, sheesh! Y’all…

Whatever. So let me tell you about my expansion. It hits home pretty hard for me, especially since I’m the wife of a combat disabled Marine. The armed forces have always been close to my heart – friends, family, ex’s…you get my meaning (and if you don’t, well, I dunno).

I decided one random day that I wanted to hand paint, sew, and stuff pillows. What better way to start than with military pillows?! AND a portion of the proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project! Why did I choose WWP? Simple. They’ve helped us, they’re ranked #1 on Charity Navigator (which ranks based on multiple factors, such as transparency, how much actually goes to services, etc), and we may or may not have a super high-up’s cell number. This is just one of my ways of giving back. The others I’ll get into at a much later date.

So, my pillows can be found here. Of course, the first ones I made were Marine Corps, because, well, DUH! lol! I haven’t listed the Coast Guard yet, as it was a royal pain in the ass to paint. Tracing the outlines onto the pillow wasn’t too terrible, if you like having the fabric make your pen squiggle all over then you loudly curse a string of words you never thought you could put together until that very moment. Then I painted it…worst fucking thing EVER. And I’m pretty sure I’ll decide to paint something else nightmares are made of (not from your perspective, mine silly). So, given my stubbornness, I still hate this half-pillow creation and refuse to stuff and sew it.

Now for that live stream info I told you I’d give you. It’ll stream through Periscope tomorrow (7/11/15) at 7:30E/4:30P logged in as @boxtiqapp (Twitter). Come see me and laugh at me, if not with me, since I’ll probably be a stuttering mess. They’ve given me some interview questions, plus they’ll be on the other side via Skype, and you’ll be able to ask questions, too! I’m excited and nervous all at once. Fun. I’ll be painting a tote bag…I really want to give a better hint than that, but no. You won’t watch if I do.

The website? Yea, it’s up. But that’s as far as I got because I got caught up in trying to get rid of links I won’t be using, installing plugins and apps…this is what I do all damn day long, so to come home and do it some more, just no. Nope nope nope. Eff that. (I feel like I may be cursing too much?).

Once I’m ready to show you the site, I’ll give you the link. Until then, stay tuned, sign up (and get 20% off for joining! No, not good on pillows), follow me (pretty sure all my links are on here), email, comment (pretty please? I’d love to hear from yall!)…just keep your eyes ready for me because I’m coming. Fast. Hard. Slow. I haven’t gotten that far in my planning yet, so I guess ya gotta stay tuned 😉

Peace out, love, and g’night!


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