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I’ve missed you so much! I’ve been really busy expanding the shop and brainstorming for my new website! That’s right! Eventually I’ll be done with Etsy and Aftcra and you won’t have to create an account, be able to leave a review, and all kinds of other fun things! Even better, my transaction fees will be so much lower!

Ready for the last 2 inspirations before you get to read about the expansion tomorrow?

Crazy Cat Person and Crazy Dog Person totes! Hah! I know, I made it sound all awesome and shit…wait! They ARE awesome! Admit it, you’re a crazy dog or cat person! Wear that badge with fucking PRIDE!!! I’m a crazy cat lady (I really only have 2, but I’m crazy, so….).  I made these for an event we were more than happy (and stupid excited about. Fine. I was excited. The hubs? Not so much.) to be a vendor for. Face it, we’re all crazy. It’s to what point that matters 😉 Anyway, the event was for the Animal Coalition of Tampa and it was to raise money for their new “furever home” because some douche burned down their old building, so they need a new one.

So there’s that.

I’m gonna go eat my dinner now and catch up on some dvr.



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PPS SUPER EXCITING!! This Saturday, 7/11/15, I’ll be doing a live stream with the awesome people from Boxtiq app at 7:30pm EST.  I’ll share the link as soon as they send it to me, so you can watch (and probably make fun of my bumbling, stuttering self lol. See, I don’t do the whole audience thing very well, so I’ll probably make a fool of myself and make fun of myself for it. Gotta laugh at yourself, right? Right!)

I’m really going now…


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