Terrible customer service and communication

255pm UPDATE: got an email from their warehouse about 20 minutes ago telling me they don’t have all the fabric I ordered. So I called. Again. At least I got someone helpful, who actually apologized, this time! She tried to give me an account credit, but I told her I’m not ordering from them again. Jesus!

Hey homies!

I need to vent real quick (I may be late on my normal post due to the situation).

I ordered fabric on Sunday from Fabric dot com and they tell me today that it’s scheduled to ship “within 24 hours” after their website says nothing about a 2-3 business day processing time until I submit my order.

First, I start a chat to find out status. Then I called to cancel and couldn’t. Whatever. Free return shipping.

But they couldn’t be bothered to apologize for the miscommunication on their end or the inconvenience they’ve caused with their shady business practices.

Fuck them. Never again. I wouldn’t recommend them to an enemy…ok, maybe I would, but they’d have to be a serious enemy.

Thanks for the bitch session!

Love yall!


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