Guess who’s back?! No, really!

Yep, your favorite handmaker and professional slacker is back! Never again will I go “home” to visit for 8 days.  Nope. Too much time to be there, driving the world’s shittiest car, in a crappy hotel…which reminds me…I have reviews to get to.

Anywho, I’m comin atcha with 3 more stories/links today!

Obliviate, yet another Harry Potter charm.  Seriously, I’d LOVE to be able to wipe me from someone’s mind or vice versa! Admit it! You’d love to erase someone from your mind too…come on…no fibbing!

Lumos is another of my favorites! It turned out way better than I though it would, plus kinda looks like a light…of sorts.  Ha! (Yes, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd, but not bad enough that I’m a Potterhead sitting in my closet writing fanfic because no)

These Keep N Give Boxes were so much fun to paint! I adore the color of Prussian Blue (so much so, that I’d have my manicurist paint my nails that color for months on end, regardless of season…). I also wanted a cute sun and moon to go on them, so I found a set, and voila! Effing PERFECT! So much love!

So those are your 3 links with stories(?).  Let me tell you a bit about our vacation.  It wasn’t a disaster or anything terrible like that, but we really did have a great time! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to come home and do laundry – LAUNDRY! WHO LIKES LAUNDRY?!- but I totally am!  My favorite part about being away was when SCOTUS made their announcement! I love love, and feel that anyone who wants to get married (and love/hate their spouse like us should totally have the right to! lol Come on, no one’s perfect, we all bicker, yell, throw shit…you know what I’m saying lol).  I’d love to shout the word freedom from the top of my apartment building, but 1) jail is not an option, 2) it’s a bit hot up there, and 3) we have a long fucking way to go before we get it all back.  I will try as hard as I can to keep my political views to myself, especially since this blog is for my shops..

FUCK! I totally forgot to tell you, homies!! I will be easing away from Etsy and creating my very own website you’ll be able to shop from! I really don’t like that they’re no longer entirely handmade and you can read my rant at my Facebook page (Byrdie’s Handmade Decor).

Ok, I’m out.  Hungry and in need of more coffee and nicotine (as the Panic! At The Disco song plays in my mind now…sigh)

Peace! But more importantly, LOVE!

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