Such a slacker…

Since I’ve been slacking so hard because I’ve been crazy lately, you guys get 6 stories and links!

The Hidden Beauty was just a weird phase and I was looking to make it abstract, just not the way it turned out.  Though I am pretty happy with the rose lol.

Expecto Patronum because I’m just as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am Hannibal, and HP was my crack for the longest time..I couldn’t get enough. Shit, still can’t! LOL!

Always because it proved Snape actually had a heart. In my opinion, he was mad Harry wasn’t his kid.

Crucio because I started a hashtag that is fucking AWESOME! #deatheatersunite  Plus, we all have at least one person we’d just love to use one of the Unforgivable Curses on.

Keep One, Give One boxes because I just HAD to have them and they’re super adorable!

Imperio…yet another Unforgivable that’s just too much fun!

BONUS! Sectumsempra: For Enemies! How cool was Draco’s actual death at the wand of Harry?!

So now that I’m covered for being such a slacker, you can expect  more posts next week, but probably without links because it’s a rather large pain in the ass from a phone.

Peace out homies!

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