Expansion has begun!!!

I’m sorry. I suck.  I’m super late! I was supposed to write Friday and here it is Sunday…but I’m about to make it up to you!

Remember that expansion I was talking about? Yep! I GOT IT STARTED, HOMIES!!!

12×12 red 9oz duck with the Marine Corps EGA pillows! See, as a Marine wife, it was only fair to start with the best.  Everyone else will be joining the party in the weeks to come. Wanna see them? I’m stupid proud of myself with these! Oh, yea, you want to see them..click here or here.

Show my pride AND donate to the #1 rated charity by Charity Navigator with each pillow sold!

So yea, I totally just made up for my sorry excuse for not writing Friday because I was a bit too wrapped up in painting pillows.  Then I went and found a sewing machine on sale….that thing keeps giving me a migraine, but I’m a newbie and this fabric hates sewing machines.  It prefers to be eaten than sewn…who knew?!

This is all I leave you with for today because I have to get back to sewing…and maybe a late lunch (liquid, that is).

“America! FUCK YEA!” (Great, now I must watch Team America: World Police for the 1,000,001th time…)


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