It’s Monday! How was yours?

What’s goin on homies?! How the hell was your Monday? Did you kick its ass? How hard?

I love Mondays.  They go by fast…normally.  Seeing how I’m waiting for something to come in for my shop expansion, it slopped by like a slug.  Sigh…

So, where was I with letting y’all in on my inspirations? Oh yea…there I was!

Eat the Rude and Free Range Rude!  If this doesn’t make my complete nerd love for Dr. Hannibal Lecter clear, maybe you should live with me! Hahahahahahahahaha! No, really.  Hubs says my love is unhealthy.  I say it’s not because I haven’t gone cannibal…yet 😉

Of the four books Thomas Harris wrote about Hannibal, ‘Hannibal’ is the most well written, delving, engrossing…well, you get it.  Can someone tell me what the actual fuck ‘Hannibal Rising’ was?! I mean, COME ON! Worst anything in the history of everything! (Excuse that rant, but it had to come out).

So, I guess that’s it for today. Due to me extreme excitement about aforementioned expansion, once that comes to fruition, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re reading about that instead of prior nerd inspirations (Harry Potter and more Dr. Lecter).


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