More painting inspiration and new ways to follow me!!

Happy rainy Tuesday from the Sunshine State that it currently full of rain and a depressed looking sky.  Can’t let that get me down!

I’ve got a few announcements to follow after some information of 2 more paintings.

The 5×7 American Flag I painted when I was bored at my first flea market and figured it would sell…hah!

Next is Amen.   I thought it was rather cool with the finger mess going on.  Yet another I was told by friends would be a great idea (lies! lol)

Like I said before, not a shit ton of thought went into these.  The ones the thought went into are coming…soon, I swear it.

On to the other ways to reach me aside from here:; (where you can also sign up for my e-mail list for promotions, sneek peeks, and news (including the expansion and new website where you’ll be able to buy on my website instead of a third party site.  I know there are other ways to reach me in my profile, too.  Now I need a poll, as y’all will help me get this together a little better…this is also something very near and dear to my heart, so any poll answers will be appreciated!

Thanks all!! Until Friday!

Lots of lovin,


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