Am I late, or on time, or…whatever

What’s going on, homies!!!  Couple things I’m excited about here:

1) You already know about the Animal Coalition of Tampa Paws for a Cause event I’ll be a vendor at….and I may even bring home another kitty? Hmmm…

2) Started my first actual website!!!  Run! Go! Check it out!

Now that that’s out of the way, I made you all a promise and I’m making good on it.  I’ll start with the first 2 items I posted in my Etsy shop, and work my way to the newer stuff, 2 per blog post.

See, I wanted to start with cutesy stuff that sells everywhere.  And by everywhere, I mean Wal-mart, Target, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond…you know what I mean.  So I painted “Live, Laugh, Love”.  Simple 5×7 gallery wrapped canvas, painted black, words in white.

Then I was told by a few friends that some religious items would be big sellers here….sigh.  “God Bless Our Home” came about on another 5×7 gallery wrapped canvas, painted tan with brown lettering.

I kinda feel like I may have shot myself in the foot there, since I’m not doing church craft fairs (though I’m supposed to be getting one set up…as soon as my pastor(s) friend(s) get back to me about it…slow pokes).

There wasn’t much inspiration behind them, other than I did what I thought would work.

And this so ends tonight’s blog post since I’ve got to be at the awesome rescue event early tomorrow.

Peace out homies!

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