Everyone could use a quickie

Hey guys!

Just a quick note to say we have a space at a super awesome event this Saturday, May 30 from 10-2 est for the Animal Coalition of Tampa Paws for a Cause!  Come on out of you’re local and say hi! You’ll get to see most of my hand painted stuff IN PERSON, which really makes not a damn bit of difference from my photos, because I DO NOT edit them, except to crop Florida scenery or walls out.


Yea, this is it….

Over the next week or so, since I’ll be slowing down a bit, you’ll actually get to read about what I’ve painted and why, because that’s the shit everyone wants to know! πŸ™‚ 

Keep it real and keep it positive, homies!


PS HANNIBAL RETURNS NEXT THURSDAY JUNE 4 AT 10PM EST!!! I know you crazy asses will be watching with me….maybe a Twitter chat party will be in order? Or would you prefer a Facebook chat party on my page?

PPS Subscribe with your email to receive updates and promotions for my shop…or to just be notified of a new blog post. I promise you, shit’s probably gonna be crazy. Embrace the madness or suffer in silence. After all, it is your life….damn, I pulled a Will Graham…

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