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The quickest way to silence living above the pool of our complex is fairly simple…rain. There were a few families swimming and doing their thing, then Florida summer hit. I shit you not, it rains around 5-530. Which, as luck would have it, just happens to be what time I get done my day job. For someone like me, who has the nonsensical thought process of being able to control everything, that just doesn’t fly. Thank the person who created pills specially designed for anxietal people like me, who have full blown panic attacks. In the car. Damn near every day.

On another note, I’ll be starting to talk, err, write, about my paintings in the shop. Y’all might even get lucky enough to read about what I’m working on (going on about 9 months now) for myself. As in, never, ever will I consider selling it because I’m creating a twisted version of a small obsession.  And I  love it way too much for all that. It would almost be like selling a child. And we all know, that shit’s just not cool.

So, I leave you all on this lazy Sunday with a link to an item I hold dear…because it’s part of aforementioned obsession, and it’s a mere two weeks away from its return.

Invitation Painting

Peace out homies!

PS I get in moods like this, and I will tell it like it is. Sugar is for sweets, not people.

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